Masterfit Buyer's Guide 2021


We’re thrilled to unveil the 2021 Masterfit Buyer’s Guide, a comprehensive look at the latest skis, boots and more. You’ll find in-depth reviews by testers from and and practical advice on what to buy this winter including the best all-mountain skis and the lightest, most comfortable boots.

Explore this site for  great insider info, including how to pack for a successful day on the slopes during a pandemic and how to get bootfitting in the time of Covid. Be sure to download the PDF for complete in-depth test reviews.

A Ski Season Like None Before

It’s hard to be sure of anything these days, especially the Winter 2021 ski season. This doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy the sport we all love.
Masterfit Enterprise’s Steve Cohen talks about the upcoming season

Boots in the Time of Covid

The world may not be changed forever but it certainly is for the near future, and as skiers we’re all wondering how participation in our sport will be altered in the coming season.
Insights from Mark Elling from

2021 Skis: The Rich Get Richer

A look at the big picture. Find out about the new and renewed model collections for men’s and women’s skis this year.’s Jackson Hogen gives a snapshot of the 2021 market

Osprey daylite waist pack

What to Day Pack: Back-To-Skiing Covid Checklist

Covid-era necessities for a safe, successful day on the slopes.

ski assortment

Skis Demystified

The simplest way to find the right ski: Pick the category. Find your right length. Match your style.

Nordica-HF-110 boot

The Rear-Entry You're Willing to Try

The Nordica HF 110 aims to capture the dammit-can’t-get-my-boots-on market.

Leki pole grip

How to Pick Your Perfect Pole

Don’t be overwhelmed by the variety of options out there. Learn the basics about sizing, grips and shafts.

backcountry skiing

What Goes Up... 2020-21 Backcountry Roundup

‘The true Backcountry boot is an out-of-bounds animal.’ Discover this year’s trends.

Single leg multitouch exercise

How to Get Fit for Ski Season

These tips from iSport training expert Tyler White can help improve your performance on snow.

→ The Ski Testers

Meet the skiers who tested this year’s models. Powered by

→ The Boot Testers’s test team is comprised of a core group of Masterfit University trained bootfitters and industry professionals.

→ Bindings Made Simple

Useful information about these important devices from Jackson Hogen.

→ Keep Your Gear In Shape

How long your gear remains in tiptop condition depends entirely on how well it’s maintained.

→ The New Narrowest

Mark Elling of reviews the World Cup race boot from Head, the Raptor WCR.

→ Reveal Your Inner Self

When you purchase new equipment, be ready to reveal as much as you can about yourself as a skier.

Rack with Boots


Our late March Boot Test scheduled at Silver Mountain Resort in Idaho is typically attended by testers from around the country and by boot brand liaison teams. It became apparent that the boot test as we knew it was going to be different when boot companies began banning international travel due to Covid-19.

Women’s Ski Test: A-Team Steps Up

Meet the cadre of women who skied this year’s top models: they serve as test pilots for the major brands’ product development teams. Every one of our 20/21 women’s ski reviews is authored by a veteran evaluator, some with over 20 years experience.

women ski testers
skier sitting in snow

How We Test Skis

Jackson Hogen explains the process, criteria and terms used for ski testing.

holding phones

Tips for Success–Gear for Kids

This is a good season to lease or buy equipment for your kids.


What’s New with Custom?

What should your first thought be if you have tricky feet? Maybe try a Daleboot!

skier sitting in snow

Advice for First Timers: Take a Lesson!

Just learning? Taking a lesson from a professional can be a great investment.

holding phones

How We USUALLY Test Boots

Boots are tested using a phone app unique to Masterfit for a variety of elements in five key parameters.

carrying skis

Carry Gear Like a Pro!

In congested areas, carry your skis vertically to avoid clobbering your fellow snowsports enthusiasts.

The new 2021 Masterfit Buyer’s Guide has information for every level of skier in easy-to-understand descriptions to help you choose the right gear for maximum fun out on the slopes.


–David Ingemie
Chairman, US Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame and former President Snow Industries America (SIA)

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