Brand Model Name
Manufacturer and ski model
· · · · ·
Width at tip/midbody/tail
· · · · ·
16.3M @ 176CM
Turn radius in meters at sample size
· · · · ·
L: 152, 160, 168, 176, 184
Lengths available

assorted skis

How We Test Skis

Our test results are based on hundreds of scores and comments submitted by the owners, managers and employees in the Masterfit Buyer’s Guide. Each ski is rated for 10 performance criteria that together capture a complete picture of its capabilities. Within each category the models are listed in descending order of total score.

Pardon Our Jargon

At we use the terms “Power” and “Finesse” to describe two distinctly different skier styles and the skis that are best suited to them. A Power skier is technically proficient, comfortable at high speed and able to ski well in all conditions. Finesse skiers don’t apply as much force to each turn, tend to skid rather than carve, prefer comfort to speed and generally avoid conditions which challenge their more limited skill set.

Power skis’ primal characteristics include a tenacious connection to the snow throughout the turn, the ability to stay connected at high speed and an emphasis on precision over ease. Finesse skis are more responsive at slower speeds, have a large sweetspot and are easy to drift, which makes them preferable for skiers for whom technique isn’t as important as comfort.

–Jackson Hogen

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