Keep Your Gear in Shape

How long your gear remains in tiptop condition depends entirely on how well it’s maintained. At least once a season, it’s good to get skis tuned by a specialty shop, where tuning machines can reproduce a factory finish on the skis so they perform like new. Here are some tips on how to keep your equipment in optimal condition for better performance on the snow. If you follow these maintenance tips, a well-made pair of skis can perform acceptably for 200 skier days, and may last longer if there’s no major damage. Even inexpensive package skis have at least 100 days of useful life in them. Heavier and more aggressive skiers will usually wear out their skis—and anything else they own—faster than the lighter and more cautious.

–Jackson Hogen

Daily Equipment Care

Skis: Wipe clean and dry. Check for dings on edges and bases.

Boots: Buckle all buckles with just enough tension to keep closed. Be sure soles are clean and no mud or debris is lodged in tread.

Bindings: Wipe clean, particularly at boot/binding interfaces.

checking bindings

Regular Maintenance
& at the end of the Season

Skis: Get ski edges tuned by the shop. Or do it yourself: freshen up side edges with a light filing, followed by hand polishing. Fill cuts in bases if necessary. Wax, scrape and buff.

Boots: Visually inspect for sole wear and damage to buckles.

Bindings: Look for excessive wear, damage or missing parts. Inspect boot/binding interfaces.

tuning ski edges
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