by Jackson Hogen

Salespeople are trained to open the sale by asking a litany of questions. Be ready to reveal as much as you can about yourself as a skier. Make sure you cover these key subjects with your ski salesperson.

woman skiing on steep terrain

Ski Background

How many years have you been skiing and how frequently per season? How would you describe your skills?

Ski Style

Are you cautious and conservative or aggressive and attacking? Do you like speed? Are you a Finesse or Power skier?

Current Ski Plans

Where do you ski now? On what runs? Be as specific as possible as to where you ski and what sort of terrain and conditions you want to master. How much will you ski this year?

Why You Ski

What motivates you to get on the hill? Fresh air with friends? Learning off-trail skills? Skiing with the kids? Mastering a challenging sport?

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