Nordica-HF-110 boot

The Rear-Entry You’re Willing to Wear

Nordica HF 110
Last: 102 Flex: 110

The Nordica HF 110 heralds Nordica’s Return of the Rear Entry in an attempt to capture the dammit-can’t-get-my-boots-on market, and we bootfitters agree there’s a need—hard to get on boots are a barrier to entry (get it?) in a sport where our demographic is, well, maturing! HF stands for Hands-Free and our testers put exactly that to the test.

Flipping up its rear-latching buckle (a new take on the old-school rear entry style with a spin-dial cable adjustment) opened up the boot’s mega maw with one flip and even with the ratchet-strappy lower buckle still closed each tester was able to stuff his foot in without trouble–no hands ma! We were even able to close the rear buckle using our other foot, and strategically located holes on both buckles allow for a ski pole-tip-levered-release to avoid ever having to bend over. There’s an 85-flex women’s version and a heated option for both the men and women.

–Mark Elling

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